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Below are a list of known issues in EventScripts.


EventScripts 2.1

EventScripts engine

EventScripts won't load on some server providers

  • ES sometimes won't load on some server providers. This happens because they use a colon (:) in their file path names and this confuses Eventscripts.
    • Workaround (You may need to ask the support desk if this doesn't exist):
Move this file:
to this directory:
orangebox/bin/ (NOT in /tf2/bin/, it needs to be in the highest bin directory under orangebox)
and restart your server. Most people already have access to this directory. If you do not, create a support ticket asking them for access to this directory. For example, place it here in your FTP:
  • pickle or cPickle won't work on or game servers. This happens because they use a colon (:) in their file path names and this stops the rep module from working.

es_enable not implemented

  • es_enable and es_disable do not work with Python scripts.
    • Workaround: Use es_load and es_unload instead.
    • Fixes: (none)

Server comes up under different IP address than expected (

  • Loading major scripts in autoexec.cfg can confuse the Valve command-line which sets the IP and port
    • Workaround #1: Move major es_load lines to server.cfg
    • Workaround #2: Add stuffcmds before your scripts load in autoexec.cfg
    • Workaround #3: Use a script like this and es_load it at the top of autoexec.cfg:
import es
def load():
   # let us parse the command-line for + items
   j = es.getString("eventscripts_cmdline").split("+")
   # for each +variable
   for var in j:
      #strip off spaces and split them into name/value pairs
      d = var.strip().split(" ")
      if d[0] == "ip":
        es.setString("ip", d[1])

Unknown command "wait" spam

  • EventScripts v2.1.1.338 will not work properly with the wait command disabled
    • Due to regressions in the OrangeBox console command handling, "wait" is required to make many commands execute in the proper order.
    • Workaround: Add sv_allow_wait_command 1 (the default) to your autoexec.cfg and server.cfg.

es.event() spams No valid command situation for es_event! 4, xxxxxx

  • This occurs when you pass a blank string into a "setstring" column; e.g. es.event("setstring", "myevent", "somestring", "")
    • Workaround: Pass "0" or "none" " " into the string. Note: This problem does NOT affect anything else other than the fact you get an annoying console error. event_var["somestring"] in this case would STILL return a blank string.
    • (freddukes note:) The reason this occurs is that EventScripts doesn't pick up the blank string as an additional argument and it thinks there are only 4 arguments (including the command) when in reality there are 5. I think that argc() in the engine won't pick up "" as an additional argument.

Extensible Admin

  • May not save your config info properly

es_fire/ not working (since the 02/22/2011 Source engine update)

  • es_fire and are not working anymore
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